I managed to miss seeing the race so will have to read the gory details later (cutting edge punting this :-)) The bare figures make for dire reading, only 7 of 30 finishing the 4 mile course, of which only one of mine. I didn’t back to win, just a couple of tricasts:

1 Auroras Encore/Gone to Lunch – fell 20/1 and 2nd 15/2
2 Gone to Lunch/Auroras Encore
3 Himalayan Trail – pulled up 28/1

Gone to Lunch clearly a correct assessment though pretty obvious to all given the market popularity. I will check how the others ran later.

One point – I would have preferred the tote trifecta but this was apparently not available so did the tricast instead. The trifecta paid £24952, tricast £5387 – spot the difference? I would have been ‘slightly’ miffed had the trifecta in fact been possible. Check the actual Tote shop next time rather than just the Racing Post.