Ayr 3-20 Scottish Grand National

30 runners, I haven’t decided on the bet(s) yet but these are my contenders:

Gone To Lunch
Meanus Dandy
Halcon Genelardais

Himalayan Trail

Scots Dragoon

Tricky so need to think a bit more.
So, a coffee later, and this is the line up:
2xTricast: 1st/2nd Aurora’s Encore/Gone To Lunch, 3rd Himalayan Trail

I go with the trends here, courtesy of Craig Thake in the RP. I did rule Auroras out initially but two of my ‘non-contenders’ this week came 1st and 2nd so that’s a clue in itself :-) Gone To Lunch is also mentioned by Mr Thake and is my top rated so gets included. Himalayan Trail also appealed as the ‘value’ outsider and gets a mention by Gerald Delamere as having run well in a key race. I leave out Meanus Dandy, Halcon Genelardais (going) and Scots Dragoon (Adrian Massey’s top rated but various track, distance and going issues.) Overall then, two of my original selections plus Aurora’s.

Incidentally, last year’s trifecta came 1,2 and 4 – will it go one better this year?