York 2-50

Acrostic 6 11/2
Mirrored 13/2 5
Captain Brilliance 7 10 (12 Betfred)
Lovelace 9 10
Alfathaa 9 16 (20 Betfred)
Mia’s Boy 10 14
Flipando 11 20 bet 20 early
Webbow 12 11
Roaring Forte 13 10

I had Acrostic marked as one to watch out for but so did everyone else it seems :-) Otherwise, Flipando doesn’t appeal (famous last words) and that leaves Alfatthaa at 20/1, if I can get to Betfred’s in time. Mia’s Boy and Captain Brilliance are value as well.

I am happy to leave the form behind once the prices are calculated – it should be purely a numbers game from that point. Alfathaa is the bet if I can get that price.
Nope, missed it so, against my better judgement, I have backed Flipando. I am sure he has let me down in the past, one of those horses who promise but never quite deliver. Good points? Topspeed top rated and trainer in good form. Otherwise, this is hope over experience.
Well, walked into that with my eyes open – Flipando truly did not deliver. Roaring Forte won, Acrostic 3rd.