Good 2-10 Warmingah bet 5 early 2nd 7/2
Good 3-25 Acrostic bet 7 early 6/19 5/1?

Win double at above prices.

I don’t hold any hope here given the week so far but it’s the last day of the ‘experiment’ so let’s see. Warmingah seems the most likely of the two; Acrostic has a poor draw according to the statistics though being a front runner may overcome that. Draw cannot be considered apart from pace though that seems to be the way it’s always presented. All the same, these both feel a bit speculative.
Not bad results. Acrostic had the worst draw and traffic problems so did very well. The distances were not far either (a couple of ‘shd’s as I recall.)

This month then:

7 wins from 40 bets, +9 pts lsp

I find that interesting and might look at it again sometime.