Goodwood 2-10 Australia Day bet 12/1 early 10/14 8/1
Goodwood 4-35 Manyriverstocross bet 7/1 early WON 5/1f
Goodwood 5-10 Sunnyside Tom bet 14/1 early 12/17 16/1

Not hugely enthusiastic about any of these and have yet to check prices to see if there is a worthwhile bet. Also at Goodwood, Firebet is running again after his strikingly powerful win at Newmarket last time. Upped in distance, he looks a good thing even if not a ‘system’ bet.

Likewise, Mujood runs today, 9/1 early price. I am tempted but he has lost for me twice, second each time at 8/1 and 12/1 and I would feel seriously betrayed if he failed again. Twice bitten, as the saying goes, though I now fully expect him to win just to rub it in.

In other news, I was tempted to get back into odds compiling today but may wait till the end of the month so as to give the current method a further chance. Reading Dave Nevison’s account as a high roller has had some slight part to play, in that he advocates making a tissue, calling it the ‘engine’ of his operation. He confirms what I have believed for years now so you might see prices here again soon. Certainly, these big meetings are the ideal target for such an approach

Interestingly, he remarks on the similarity between the bookies early lines, which are so close as to suggest some sort of ‘common source’ (my term for it). Even skilled form readers, says Nevison, show a marked difference in their odds lines so how come the bookies are all practically the same? Again, I know this to be the case from my own efforts. It further confirms that I am on the right track. I don’t really need confirmation though, just a way to get the line worked out quickly, which goal I am currently working on.
A profitable day and beat SP which is always nice. The losers were disappointing though, it’s much better if they come close rather than down the field. Given these were ‘system’ bets, that’s only to be expected.

Looking at the trifecta payouts on some of these races, it’s a timely reminder that big meetings are good for Tote payouts. In a way, this could justify the extra time spent properly reading the form – it wouldn’t take too many such payouts a year to make life rather good :-) Of course, if one can’t be arsed to get up early one has to go without.