Sandown 4-25
Dr Livingstone 5/2 7
Wintercast 11/4 3
King Charles 11 7
Shamali 14 7
Mr Hichens 14 33
Robby Bobby 16 16
Quirina 16 10
Mubrook 20 9/2 Cor 7/2 Lad
Opera Prince 21 16

A damp sqib of a race odds-wise; several with general dodgy form but for the occasional hopeful race, plus lightly-raced, unexposed types. This all makes for uncertainty and not in a good way. I have Mubrook at 20/1, the bookies going 7/2 and 9/2 – that is a significant difference between them which reflects the uncertainty. Other runners are priced by the bookies with similar discrepancies.

Clear value is Dr Livingstone at 7/1, my price 5/2. Wintercast is stepping up in distance, considered a good move by commentators, and I make him 11/4, bookies best 3/1.

Overall, I think Dr Livingstone and Wintercast in a forecast but I am not feeling too confident given the above unclarity so might just pass.

Update: I managed to get 8/1 for Dr Livingstone which is pleasing. Opera Prince is tipped by Pricewise Extra.