York 2-10
Redesignation 3 13/2
King Charles 4 8
Warringah 7 9/2
Sahrati 12 20 BET 18/1 early price
Elextrolyser 14 7
Furmigadelaguista 20 10
25 Bar

Newmarket 3-35
Dringaan 6 7
Silaah 7 5
Hustle 9 7
Romany Princess 10 12
Countdown 10 20 BET 33/1 board price
Aflaam 10 22

I am trying a modified method to make the odds line, it should be quicker without losing accuracy. Just the one bet so far, Sahrati, which has since gone out to 20s from 18s.

In the Newmarket race, Aflaam is the ‘rules’ bet but there is not much in it with Countdawn and one gets the inevitable ‘wrong horse wins’ vision. More pondering needed.

Yesterday was rubbish – Dream Lodge was prominent but at the wrong end of the race. I wonder if the going was softer than described, though that shouldn’t have made much difference. At least with the Jumps you know it will be mud, with the Flat it’s an additional unknown.

The new approach was good – definitely quicker and easier so let’s see if it corresponds to reality.

Post race:

1 Furmigadelagiusta 12/1
2 Sahrati 18/1
3 Tilt 40/1
4 Electrolyser 9/2F

I didn’t watch this but a good bet.

1 Pravda Street 8-1
1 Hustle 13-2
3 Brassini 14-1

A deadheat for the win. Countdown was held up last but made progress a couple of furlongs out. He seemed to be stuck for an opening but was too far back to catch the winner anyway. Not a bad bet or run at 33s. Aflaam, my original choice, didn’t figure. The numbers picked the right one of the pair.

An encouraging start for the new approach (which is not radically different, just less detailed in the scoring.) It certainly is quicker but apparently gives a satisfactory odds line. I will look now at higher turnover with smaller bets, and an eye always open for the bigger, forecast, payoffs.

Incidentally, in the 2-10, I was better than Pricewise today (Bollin Felix 20/1 early recommended) :-)