There will only be a couple of Jumps races to go before I get into the Flat racing for the summer. As usual, I have left things until the last moment (put another way, I respond to deadlines) and have a few things to set up. These include some sort of trainer database (several copies of the Weekender updates still to go through) and the draw bias info – most likely on a spreadsheet. I have printed out the events calendar from the BHB site to provide some sort of map through the coming weeks. I am optimistic as the past weeks have been valuable in getting back up to speed; new ideas and much more effective form reading and odds compiling. Saturday’s result has been noted – I shall not be ‘Out To Lunch’ next time :-)

Also, James Quinn’s ‘The New Expert Handicappers’ has arrived – luscious bedtime reading for horse geeks!

The sun is shining and things are looking good – hopefully some of you will join me for the experience….