As well as the win single bet yesterday, I did the trifecta: Chiaro, Out The Black and Hello Bud in any order (my three top rated; something about Nine de Sivola put me off – F O’Murphy is not flying at the moment). Here’s the result:

1 Hello Bud 12/1
2 Gone To Lunch 12/1
3 Out The Black 12/1
4 Chiaro 10/1

The trifecta paid £1867.20. This result is what I have been looking for in the sense that it entirely vindicates the Form Value process. One identifies the most likely winners as well as highlighting value. I was especially pleased with the logic that went into this play – the bets were entirely consistent with the odds, no double guessing and with the win single a separate entity from the forecast. The ‘extra’ horse was no more than par for the course, so to speak – the proof of the pudding will always be in the lap of the gods to some extent and it no way detracts from the significance of the result. In short, I am highly encouraged for future shots at these lottery payouts.