Aintree 2-50
Celestial Halo 4 9/2
United 7 40
Fiveforthree 9 7
Al Eile 10 4
Catch Me 14 5
Jered 14 8
Katchit 14 8
Snap Tie 18 20
Whiteoak 18 20
Solwhit 25 6
Hills of Aran 28 80
50 bar

Aintree 3-25
Maljimar 9 7
Aimigayle 9 16
Pretty Star 12 16
Star de Mohaison 14 10
Three Mirrors 14 6
Peter Pole 14 6
Dont Push It 15 10
Alexanderthegreat 18 18
Oakfield Legend 20 40
According to John 22 8
Leading Contender 22 20
Island Flyer 28 10
50 bar

In the 2-50 hurdle, I have backed United at 40/1. One of us is out of line; in fact several are substantially different so it should be interesting to see what happens – given the number of runners, some of the early prices seem a bit short though I don’t imagine the bookies would take advantage of the Grand National ‘once a year’ punters….

In the 3-25 chase, I see very little value anywhere so will think a bit further.

I haven’t looked at the Grand National seriously – too many runners for me. I glean from others that Rambling Minister has a chance so may have a ‘fun’ bet on him. The bookies are already taking bets from the public for whom this is a national tradition and I expect to join them latter to watch the running.

I have backed Pretty Star in the 3-25, after a certain hesitation. In the end it is the trainer factor; there are some positive comments about his improved form since moving to Venetia Williams and changes of this nature are worth noting. Recent 2nds have been good as well.

My ‘other’ horse is Amigayle, a front runner, but whether she is good enough for this who knows? – a bit low in the RP ratings and a 5 year old mare against older horses.

That’s enough for now, certainly – running about all morning whilst thinking at the same time makes life deliciously stressful :-)