Aintree 4-55
Captain Americo 8 7
Andytown 12 12
Mirage Dore 12 10
Giles Cross 12 14
Kayf Aramis 14 8
Liberate 16 14
Mamlook 20 12
Aigle d’Or 22 6
Aurora’s Encore 22 40 N/R
Chief Yeoman 28 33
Ablaher Beebers 28 33
Inchidaly Rock 28 10
Time For Rupert 28 33
Gaspara 30 33
Sweetheart 33 40
Gunner Jack 33 33
50 bar

I have bet Aurora’s Encore 40/1 (value price 22/1), no forecasts as yet, I need to think a bit more :-)

Yesterday was good – both my top-rated won and the punt on Lord Jay Jay was encouraging, indeed another lesson which will prove valuable. Why not simply back the top-rated then? From my records I know this doesn’t always work. Yesterday’s two were well clear in the ratings and hard to oppose (hence the possibility of forecasts with a value horse to come second), more usually the top-rated is not so clear and not value either so the ‘longest-priced value’ is the bet. Inadvertently, this rule applied to Lord Jay Jay though marginal value strictly speaking.

Aurora’s is a non-runner so I will go for Sweetheart at the same price.