Lingfield 4-35
Miss Mitch 11/4 10/3
Hoo La Baloo 9/2 8
My Way De Solzen 11/2 7
Laskari 7 7
Mister Quasimodo 8 10
Coach Lane 11 10

The bet is Hoo La Baloo at 8/1, value price 9/2.

Yesterday’s assessment and bet was better than the result suggests :-) It seems Church Lane was looking dangerous but then blundered; likewise Ungaro ran well for long enough. The third of the three contenders came 2nd.

Elsewhere, the Flat starts today! I will just watch for a month or so to let the form settle down. I notice that quite a few in the Lincoln are fir from the All Weather – I don’t recall that being the case years ago. However, with the big field and draw effect it is still a gamble.