Towcester 3-55
Coda Agency 6 16
Macmar 7 20
Painter Man 8 4
Menelaus 10 20
Caipiroska 11 16
Dance Island 11 10
Hello Moscow 12 8
Pheidas 14 25
Hot N Holy 16 33
Quiqui de l’Isle 16 14

The dotted line is the ‘odds cutoff’; anything below it is not considered for betting purposes. Where exactly to draw it is a matter for judgement at the moment, there might be a rule eventually.

Menelaus and Macmar are both available at 20/1 so I go for Macmar as it is shortest in my book. Generally, a fairly messy assessment – I expect the ground to be soft, given it was changed to Gd-Sft yesterday and heavy rain is expected. Under those circumstances the bottom of the handicap is favoured and I go against Coda Agency. In any event, the ‘longest-priced’ rule applies and the tie-breaker (some slight consession to the idea that my own line might mean something – let’s see :-))

Yesterday was a bit of bad luck plus less-than-optimal form assessment; I did rate Spider Boy highly enough on recent form but overestimated Daryal’s fitness and also missed the changing ground (why do they water?!) that would have flagged lighter weights. The available odds then swayed me, only just, but enough to miss another winner. No excuses, I think the form reading was a bit dodgy to start with. The Davisons are on my list now :-)

Pre-race: There is some money for Macmar apparently (RP market movers page).