Cheltenham 4-00
Lough Derg 7 25
Great Endeavour 8 11
Chief Yeoman 9 28

Pierrot Luniare 12 16
Mirage Dore 12 16
Pouvoir 12 33
Door Boy 12 33
Pause And Clause 12 10

The Polomoche 14 9
Dancing Tornado 16 18
Serabad 18 25

I have backed Chief Yeoman in this, likely to be suited by the distance (slight going doubt), decent recent form, trainer getting a few winners and a good Topspeed rating.

Lough Derg is my favourite but I wonder if he will be able to make all – it will be a class display if he does. His recent rival Serabad wears blinkers for the first time which is generally a bad sign.

The Polomoche is a big danger according to the papers but I am happy to oppose him at these prices. Again, the Topspeed figure is a plus and the break also, so it seems.

Overall, a fairly frantic assessment; 28 runners is twice my ideal field size though the practice is always good. My book is somewhat optimistic at 124% but I couldn’t be arsed to tune it further – the relative odds are acceptable and I am surprised as well as pleased at another (admittedly broad) correlation with the bookies’ lines.