Saturday was both frustrating and encouraging….

Frustrating because of two 2nds at decent odds and one bet I didn’t make which, naturally, won.

That was Georgian King and I only saw it after the event as I checked the bookies screens for results. It gave me a small shock and would possibly have been a bet but for my being in a hurry first thing. If you look at the odds posted, the ‘longest priced overlay’ rule applies, in this case 8/1 early price for a 5/1 value price. I was in a hurry but also swayed by the 14s on offer for Gidam Gidam which I wanted to catch.

The moral is to take a step back and don’t allow anything to distract or rush you. I’m pretty much aware of these factors these days but still, you can never lower your guard as sod’s law will bite you.

Of course, this is after the event and I waved the rules to bet 8/1 winner Never So Blue on Wednesday. Also, the board prices gave Iroquois Warrior as 8/1 and that would have been my first choice at 3/1 favourite.

The bets I did make ran well though Church Island was 2nd by 11 lengths and only helped by the spectacular departure of Irish Raptor through the running rail. I also missed the 15/2, taking the board price of 6s.

Better yet was Gidam Gidam, 2nd by 1/2 a length, the pair clear by 19 lengths, very pleasing at 14/1. I felt he got in directly behind the winner at the penultimate fence which couldn’t have helped but that’s why it’s called gambling :-)

So, I am encouraged and just need a bit of luck in running – roll on Wednesday :-)