It’s just over a month since my decision to get back into racing.  I had some success a few years back – not large sums by any amount but four profitable flat seasons in a row.  Now, fortune beckons….

The past weeks have been about getting up to speed again.  There is always a balance to be kept between too little activity and too much.  Too little means losing the sharp edge when it comes to form reading and keeping track of events (changes in odds and going, for instance); too much leads to burnout and mistakes.

So, I have limited things to just three days a week.  Results so far have not been impressive but a winner at 10/1 kept me in profit.  The mistakes have been duly noted.  Overall, par for the course after a long break.

On the plus side, I have had some insights into the whole business of class and it’s relation to recent form, to the extent that I do feel I have a handle on it now which will pay off significantly.  Consequently, this makes the four non-racing days frustrating as I gear up to implement my ideas.